10 Soldiers in Taiwan Charged with Spying

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Taiwanese authorities indicted 10 individuals with connections to its armed forces on November 27, including two soldiers who pledged alliance to the Chinese regime. The case represents the latest action against espionage operations within Taiwan’s armed forces, at a time of high tensions with China.

According to the Taiwanese Central News Agency, the country’s High Prosecutors Office brought spying charges against numerous active-duty military personnel for sending top-secret military documents to Beijing. The media outlet pointed out that the suspects were part of an espionage ring that was created by members of Chinese intelligence.

The two soldiers were accused of violating their military oaths by expressing their support to the Chinese Communist Party in a video found by Taiwanese investigators. Prosecutors said in a statement that a Chinese businessman offered financial incentives to the two soldiers to make the video, which eventually became propaganda material for the Chinese regime. The prosecutors added they are seeking a strong punishment for the pair.

In the indictment, three other army soldiers and a lieutenant colonel were formally charged with collecting and leaking top-secret documents and recruiting Taiwanese military members on the Chinese regime’s behalf. A government official was also accused of stealing classified military documents beyond his clearance level. While the prosecutors didn’t detail the type of military intelligence that the spy ring passed to Beijing, they said the incident highlights the scope of China’s campaign targeting Taiwan’s public and defenders.

In October, six military officers and a retired colonel from Taiwan’s armed forces were sentenced for providing top-secret information to the Chinese regime, in a clear violation of Taiwan’s Classified National Security Information law. Back in August, a member of Taiwan’s special forces and a colonel were involved in a case that alleged they helped to create a Chinese spy network in Taipei, whose main goal was to obtain classified defense information.

The prosecutors said they are seeking the most severe punishment because they believe that only the worst types of penalties can prevent similar acts in the future.

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