119 Year-Old World Record Holder Dies, but Her Legacy Will Live On Forever

119 Year-Old World Record Holder Dies, but Her Legacy Will Live On Forever

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The world’s oldest person recently passed away at the age of 119. Imagine living for 119 years, all of the changes you would see. The world has come a long way in the past century, and this woman got to view all of it.

On January 2, 1903, the same year the Wright Brothers took their first flight, a baby by the name of Kane Tanaka was born. Unbeknownst to her at the time, she would become the oldest confirmed person in the world and get a rare chance to see history unfold.

Tanaka was living in a nursing home and in pretty good health until recently. Daily Mail claims the woman loved soda, chocolate, solving math equations, and playing the classic board game Othello.

In 1922, Tanaka married her husband, with whom she shared a business selling udon noodles, zanzai, and rice cakes. The 119-year-old also underwent major surgeries at the age of 90, for cataracts, and at 103 for colorectal cancer. She and her husband had four children, eventually adopting a fifth. Her oldest son and husband both fought in the Sino-Japanese War.

Tanaka is far from being the only elderly person in Japan. In fact, the country has a reputation for having an older population. In 2019, the Guinness Book of World Records came to visit Tanaka and confirm she was the world’s oldest person. She was 116 at the time.

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