12-Year-Old Boy With Gun Shot Dead by Law Enforcement

12-Year-Old Boy With Gun Shot Dead by Law Enforcement

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Emotions are heavy as police officers live with the unthinkable: They had to shoot a 12-year-old boy. Despite the boy having a gun, the incident remains a tragedy as a young life will never grow. Could gang affiliation have played a part?

Justifiable Cause?

Philadelphia Police reported that the officers shot the young boy after a bullet struck their vehicle. Authorities mentioned it was a miracle no one else was hurt aside from one officer sustaining an injury from broken glass as the bullet broke through the vehicle’s back passenger-side window.

The incident started when officers in the area, wearing plain clothes and in an unmarked car, were in the middle of a firearm investigation, which posts on social media had provoked. The officers saw two people on the street corner when they noticed one appeared to be carrying a handgun.

When officers switched on their flashing lights and attempted to approach the pair, they heard gunshots as a bullet struck their vehicle. As the two suspects ran, two officers exited the car and shot at 12-year-old Thomas Siderio, who they say was still holding a firearm. Police admit they’re unsure who fired the shot that hit the car, with Benjamin Naish, Deputy Commissioner, noting there’s no definitive evidence Siderio fired his weapon.

When reporters asked Naish why Siderio was shot in the upper-right part of his back, with the round exiting from his chest, the Deputy Commissioner explained that, despite fleeing, the boy still had the potential to be a threat to officers. Naish added the officers were not equipped with body cams but mentioned investigators were looking for additional video evidence of the incident.

According to police, when they shot him, Siderio was still holding the handgun, a semi-automatic 9mm with one round in the chamber and five in the magazine.

Prior Investigation

The four officers were in the area for a firearms investigation. One of the two people they saw on the corner, the 17-year-old with Siderio, was wanted for questioning. Police detained the unidentified young man briefly before releasing him.

Still a Tragic Death

Danielle Outlaw, Police Commissioner, explained the incident before noting that a young man’s life was cut short. Outlaw added that the community should be questioning itself about how it failed Siderio and others like him.

20-year-old Santo Primerano was shocked to hear the news, mentioning he was with Siderio and the 17-year-old just before the incident occurred. Primerano expressed that despite Siderio’s rough childhood, he always tried to make people smile. The 20-year-old added that the pre-teen was a good kid, always joking around and laughing.

The investigation from the department’s Internal Affairs Division is still ongoing. Meanwhile, the two officers that shot at Siderio will be on administrative leave until the probe is complete.

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