12-Year-Old Carjacking Suspect Sent for Intervention

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A DC judge ordered a 12-year-old boy on November 6 to undergo a hospital stint after he was accused in a failed carjacking where his 13-year-old suspected accomplice was shot and killed. The boy, whose name wasn’t shared by authorities to protect his identity, was sent to the Psychiatric Institute of Washington for 21 days. The decision was made after prosecutors said he defecated on the floor and spread it to the walls with his hands while he was staying at a Northeast juvenile detention facility.

The boy’s defense attorney said that he was also bullied by numerous teenagers while he was at the facility. According to different reports, the boy’s mother said during his initial hearing that he was a regular marijuana consumer and had some anger issues. She also mentioned she recently tried to arrange counseling for the boy.

During his booking interview, Police authorities said that the preteen knew where to get a firearm. His mother turned him in on October 31, after she saw his suspect picture published by the Metropolitan Police while she was walking in the street. She said she had to do it, as she claimed she didn’t want her son to become a criminal in the future.

The police said that the 12-year-old boy was with his 13-year-old friend Vernard Toney on October 28, when the two of them tried to carjack a driver in Penn Quarter Street at about 10 pm. The driver was a US marshal who was waiting to begin his security shift at a federal building nearby.

The marshal told police officers that the two kids were holding waistbands as if both of them had a firearm tucked away. He said he then pulled out his legally registered gun and shot the 13-year-old boy, who was eventually pronounced dead at the scene.

According to different reports, authorities said they didn’t find any gun at the scene nor when they arrested the kid. The marshal has been fully cooperating with the criminal probe.

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