16 Americans Kidnapped in Haiti

16 Americans Kidnapped in Haiti

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Haiti is becoming increasingly unstable as the country deals with political issues, the aftermath of natural disasters, and increased gang violence. The latter threat has also increased the number of kidnappings in the area. One most recent case involves 16 Americans and 1 Canadian.

The victims are part of a church missionary that includes women, children, and elderly members. The group of 17 people was on their way home from Haiti on October 16, after building an orphanage, when the abduction took place. A Haitian gang called the 400 Mawozo is responsible for the kidnapping.

A rough translation of the gang’s name is 400 “inexperienced men.” The 400 Mawozo is in charge of the Croix-des-Bouquets area. The gang abducted the 17 missionaries from a commune in the region named Ganthier. According to local authorities, the 400 Mawozo crew regularly conducts abductions, carjackings, and extortions on business owners in the commune.

Typically the gang targets people or groups that can’t afford bodyguards but have just enough resources to pay ransoms. Illinois US Congressman, Adam Kinzinger (R), asserted that the US needs to figure out a way to negotiate the safe release of the victims without giving in to demands.

The US State Department confirmed the news of the kidnapping and admitted it was aware of the situation. The department noted that the protection and safety of US citizens abroad is one of its top priorities.

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