18 Bodies Found in Shipment Container

18 Bodies Found in Shipment Container

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Bulgarian police searched an abandoned semi-trailer last week, leading to a grisly discovery. Packed into hidden compartments inside were dozens of half-frozen illegal immigrants — and 18 corpses. Cops believe the group was heading for Serbia.

Bulgaria’s National Investigative Service (NIS) reported on February 17 that police had found an abandoned truck loaded with timber near Sofia, the country’s capital. In compartments hidden among the load were 34 Afghan migrants — including five children — and the bodies of 18 more. The survivors were taken to a hospital in Sofia, where some remain in critical condition. Health Minister Asen Medzhidiev said the migrants were cold, wet, and hadn’t eaten for days. Those who died had suffocated after they ran out of oxygen in the enclosed compartments.

Police official Atanas Ilkov told Reuters that a number of people have been arrested in connection with the tragedy. One of them has a previous conviction for human trafficking. Ilkov says those detained will be charged for this incident once investigators have collected more evidence.

Bulgarian cops have already worked out much of the background. The migrants had illegally crossed the border from Turkey. They then survived in the woods for two days before the truck picked up and hid them. According to the Independent, NIS director Borislav Sarafov said the traffickers had abandoned the load and fled when they realized some of the migrants had died.

Those arrested are alleged to be part of an organized crime group that smuggles migrants from Turkey, across Bulgaria, and to the Serbian border. From there they move on to Western Europe, where they hope to get generous welfare benefits.

Last June 53 migrants died in a trailer in San Antonio, Texas after being abandoned in hot weather. Traffickers like to use trailers because too many of them cross borders every day to be properly searched, but it’s a dangerous route. Unfortunately, as long as illegals think they have a chance of a new life in a rich country, some of them will keep dying in hidden compartments.

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