20 People Found Dead on Boat Floating in Ocean

20 People Found Dead on Boat Floating in Ocean

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Police are often given tips about suspicious activity by locals in an area, and can never be quite sure what they will find. Officers in Turks and Caicos were deeply saddened by a tip last week, after the intel from local fishermen led them to intercept a boat that had 20 dead people on board.

On Thursday, June 24, officers located the boat a few miles off the coast of Grand Turk island. While their initial findings did not lead them to believe foul play was involved, authorities are still unsure of where the boat and its passengers originated and where it was heading.

South Florida news station WSVN 7 shared more about the bodies found on board:

While the causes for this tragedy are still unknown, some speculate the boat could have come from Haiti, where many Haitians hope to escape the overwhelming poverty. However, Turks and Caicos is also a well-known stopover point for human traffickers, a point that must be considered during this investigation.

On Friday, June 25, the Turks and Caicos police department found a different boat that had 43 migrants from Haiti on board. Hopefully, investigators get to the bottom of this mystery quickly and the victims in this sad tale can be laid to rest near their homes, if they have them.

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