20 Years Later, Woman Discovers Bead Up Her Nose

20 Years Later, Woman Discovers Bead Up Her Nose

(AmericanProsperity.com) – One would think they would know if an item was stuck up their nose, especially if it was something stuck for a very long time, right? But, unfortunately, that’s not what happened with a woman who shared a painful tale of how she had a tiny bead stuck in her nostrils for 20 years!

Hannah Iham shared her story on a TikTok video, saying she had a faint memory of sticking the bead up her nose at a very young age. Still, after many years she wasn’t quite sure if the incident was actual, if she had dreamt it up, or if her parents told her a story about it happening to someone they knew.

Then one day, she began to feel a lot of pain in her nose and developed a sinus infection. She said she felt something lodged inside her right nostril, but whatever was inside wouldn’t come out. That’s when she decided to use an earwax camera to investigate and was shocked to see the blue bead stuck in her nose!

Since sharing her story, she’s received more than 1.8 million likes, more than 24,000 comments, with close to 10 million views. One person commented, saying Hannah should keep the bead as the “something blue” to use at her wedding, calling it an heirloom. Whatever she decides to do with the bead, it’s definitely something she won’t soon forget.

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