21 Offenders Arrested at Border in Under 2 Months

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Border Patrol Acting Chief Agent Juan Bernal said on November 27 that officers in Texas’ Del Rio Sector have arrested 21 child sexual predators since October 1. Bernal pointed out that each of the criminals had already been convicted of different crimes that fall within this category.

Bernal’s announcement coincided with another announcement made by the United States Customs and Border Protection, which said it would temporarily reduce and suspend vehicle processing at entry ports in Arizona and Texas. The agency pointed out it took the measure as a way to respond to the surge of migrant encounters all along the US southern border. Different reports have noted that numerous sectors along the border have seen massive spikes in migrant encounters in November.

In a statement, Bernal explained that border patrol agents have been delivering “great work” in enforcing the law and protecting the United States. He also praised the agents’ “dedication,” which led them to properly detect the predators and arrest them immediately.

Since the border crisis started, border patrol agents have been arresting dangerous criminals trying to illegally enter the United States. In an April press release, the Customs and Border Protection said that agents in the Del Paso sector arrested four convicted Salvadorean offenders and an MS-13 gang leader.

Bernal’s statement was published in the wake of the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector’s decision to pause all social media activities. The controversial measure took place on November 26, as many reports have revealed the agency’s difficulties in dealing with the massive increase of migrants at the border. Chief Patrol Agent John Modlin tweeted that every single account of the Tucson Sector will be indefinitely suspended and said that the agency appreciates the “continued support” and understanding of all Americans.

According to a Fox News report, the agency took the measure after reporting 15,300 illegal crossings on the US border last week, which represents the highest weekly total in history.

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