430 Feet and 4 Minutes Without Air, Record Set

430 Feet and 4 Minutes Without Air, Record Set

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Freediving entails packing one’s lungs and mouth with air before swimming as deep as possible and then returning to the water’s surface without passing out — or worse. As of July, the sport has a new world record set by 34-year-old Alexey Molchanov, who plunged 430 feet deep into the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas.

On July 18, Molchanov prepared to beat his previous freediving world record of 423 feet he set in 2017. Alexey successfully swam about 60 feet underwater before letting his body freefall deeper into the water as his lungs shrank under the mounting pressure. Upon reaching the record 430-foot depth, he grabbed a white tag and began the upward climb.

Circled by safety divers, the world record holder regulated the oxygen and pressure in his lungs, allowing him to resurface without passing out or dying. Within 20 seconds of coming out of the water, Alexey was able to provide his safety signal and hold up the white marker, showing he still had his wits about him after the perilous dive.

60 Minutes shared a deeper look at Molchanov’s 4-minute, 33-second dive:

After his mother, Russian swimmer Natalia Molchanova taught him the sport, Molchanov became determined to honor her legacy by pushing his own body’s limits. After setting this latest record, he told multiple reporters he would continue to push his body and its limits as long as it allows, likely setting future world records in years to come.

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