5 of the Best Retirement Locations in the U.S.

5 of the Best Retirement Locations in the U.S.
5 of the Best Retirement Locations in the U.S.

When It’s Time to Retire, Consider These Locales For Your Golden Years

The culmination of your career can be an exciting time. You’re looking forward to retirement and focusing on everything you love or even just a bit of relaxation. You might even be considering a move — to be closer to family, in a sunny location, or even just in a favorite city or town. How can you be sure you’re choosing the right spot to spend the rest of your days? Read this article for decision-making guidance.

What Makes a Good Retirement Spot?

There’s more to retirement than just finding a tropical paradise to settle in. Everyone’s preference differs; some people do want to escape the cold and hit the beach towns, but others like being in a mountain community where they can ski at their leisure.There’s really no wrong  choice here. However, you should try to think about logistics.

Start with factors like these:

  • Access to healthcare
  • Public transportation
  • Walkability
  • Housing costs
  • Taxation rates
  • Weather

These variables can impact your enjoyment and add or remove stress. Looking at the whole picture can help you make an informed decision.

Next, let’s get specific. The cities listed below are rated as some of America’s BEST options for retirees.

Denver, Colorado

People who love the close proximity to ski resorts will love retiring to Denver, Colorado. This city has a very active senior population, thanks in part to the multitude of activities and transit options available. Making friends here is easy; you just have to find the activities that you like and join the clubs. Healthcare is very easy to come by, too, with several specialty facilities located throughout the metro area.

Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers offers the perfect blend of tropical weather and access to the water. Residents can soak up the rays on the beach or opt for other water activities, such as fishing and boating.

Since there’s no state tax, your retirement money is likely to stretch further than it would in a taxed state. Many seniors (particularly snowbirds) live up north for the summer and take advantage of the mild weather in winter down in Fort Myers.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A city full of history and sports pride, Pittsburgh is an attractive area for retirees to move to for many reasons. Free public transportation makes it easy to travel through the city and visit one of several museums and landmarks. To make it even more desirable, the housing prices are fairly low for seniors.

Nashville, Tennessee

Seniors who love music and the scene that comes with it will feel right at home in Nashville. The Grand Ole Opry hosts several concerts a year with varying artists and there’s always the Country Music Hall of Fame to visit. It’s a bit more expensive to live in Nashville than it is in Pittsburgh, but Tennessee doesn’t have a tax on earned income. The only taxes you have to pay are on your interests and dividends.

San Antonio, Texas

Seniors looking to retire to San Antonio will find a perfect blend of the country life and city conveniences at hand. There are several top-notch healthcare facilities in the area, as well as plenty of opportunities for retirees to volunteer or even take college courses. No state income tax and affordable living mean that money stretches a little bit further.

If you’re looking for a place to retire, think about what activities you like to do and what climate you desire. Consult with a financial expert to make sure you’re in good shape for retirement. Then, sit back and enjoy your golden years.

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