6 Victims Reported After Mass Shooting

6 Victims Reported After Mass Shooting

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Many parents cringed when a tragedy struck Aurora, Colorado, on Monday, November 15, after a drive-by shooter injured six teenagers. The violent incident took place in the afternoon at a local park near Aurora Central High School.

Though there were no fatalities, three of the victims were transported to the nearest Children’s Hospital. Given this, all of the children have since reunited with their families—the teens, who currently attend Aurora Central High School, range in ages from 14 to 18.

Officials expect all six victims to recover fully.

Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson claims that officers discovered multiple calibers of bullets near the scene. She surmises that one of the suspects was on foot when they shot at the teenagers rather than driving by in a vehicle. All suspects remain at large.

Wilson also said Aurora police believe they have identified the vehicles that were involved in the incident. She is asking for witnesses to come forward with any information they might have. The local department has also asked residents to provide home security camera footage to help police gather evidence.

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