70 New Charges Against Christmas Parade Driver

70 New Charges Against Christmas Parade Driver

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Just days before Thanksgiving, a man drove his SUV into a crowd of people during a Wisconsin Christmas parade. The man killed six and injured dozens more. Prosecutors initially charged him with six counts of homicide and are now seeking additional charges against the man.

Minutes before his rampage, Darrell Brooks Jr. beat his girlfriend and the mother of his child after she failed to post his $1,000 bail — for running her over with the same SUV he used to drive into the crowd. Prosecutors didn’t take long to charge Brooks with homicide, coming just two days after the incident and four days after he posted bail. But police aren’t finished with him yet; they brought 71 new charges against him on January 12.

His new charges include multiple counts of battery, bail jumping, hit-and-run involving death, and reckless endangerment. The court scheduled a preliminary hearing for January 14. From there, the judge will decide whether there’s enough evidence to send the case to trial.

According to police, Brooks drove his Escape for five blocks through the parade crowd, reaching speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. At one point, Brooks allegedly hung his head out the window to steer due to a person on his hood blocking his view. Authorities asserted that a police presence clearly blocked off the street traffic. The six people who Brooks killed and most of those he injured were in the middle of the street and in plain view.

Brooks ran his girlfriend over and broke her leg just days before this rampage. John Chisholm, Milwaukee County District Attorney, has caught criticism for setting Brooks’ bail at $1,000 after he struck the mother of his child with the vehicle. Chisholm claims it was a mistake that an overworked assistant prosecutor made, not having the time to examine the necessary documents to indicate that Brooks was a threat to society.

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