800+ Migrants Just Made It to Cuba

800+ Migrants Just Made It to Cuba

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(AmericanProsperity.com) – Immigration is nothing new. There have always been people in the world searching for better places to live with greater opportunities. In many South and Central American countries, those preferred opportunities point residents toward the United States. As migrants from Caribbean countries, such as Haiti, attempt to make it to the US, they often get diverted to Cuba, which is what happened to a recent ship carrying a vast amount of immigrants.

The Guardian reported that a ship carrying in excess of 800 Haitian migrants landed in Cuba. The outlet noted the ship made landfall in central Cuba about 180 miles east of the nation’s capital of Havana in Villa Blanca. Among the 800+ immigrants, there were 97 women, two of whom were pregnant, and 70 children.

The sheer number of migrants aboard the vessel may be a surprise to many Americans, but it’s common for migrant boats to go over capacity. It’s also customary for those sailing from Haiti to run into Cuba, often being diverted by storms, currents, or high winds. Haiti is rapidly declining, with kidnapping and gang violence on the rise and a crumbling economy, making it obvious why people are searching for better lives outside their country.

More and more people are making the journey from the Caribbean in an attempt to cross into the United States. As increasing amounts of immigrants attempt to enter the US, Border Patrol is becoming excessively overwhelmed by the sheer number it’s trying to process. Early in the Biden presidency, there was a humanitarian crisis in Texas after thousands of Haitian immigrants tried to enter the country. It’s difficult to say how this most recent event will affect US borders in the coming weeks.

Could this be a sign of another surge in immigration? Perhaps even another humanitarian crisis?

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