9-Year-Old Hamas Hostage Believed Dead Found Alive

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A 9-year-old Irish Israeli girl who was thought to have been killed by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas on its October 7 attack on Israel, was among the 17 hostages the group freed on November 25. The liberation was part of a temporary cease-fire that Hamas and the Israeli government agreed, after days of negotiations.

Emily Hand was abducted by the radical Islamists after they attacked Kibbutz Be’eri in the southern region of the Jewish state, killing 100 innocent Israelis. She was held hostage for seven weeks, with her father saying in different interviews he thought she was already killed.

In a statement, Ireland’s Tanaiste Micheal Martin said that Hand’s release is a “precious” and deeply moving moment for her family. He added that the Irish people have been “touched” by the 9-year-old girl’s story, along with her innocence and the brave determination of her father Tom.

The 17 hostages that Hamas freed were 13 Israelis and four Thai nationals. In exchange, the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released 39 Palestinian prisoners. Some Israeli leaders criticized the move as they claimed that it was benefiting the terrorist group. According to different reports, Hand turned nine years old while in captivity on November 17.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said on his Twitter account that he and the Irish government were relieved that a child “who was lost” has been finally found. He also said that “our prayers” were answered and noted that the Hand family could be reunited after days of horror.

Israeli government spokesperson Eylon Levy criticized Varadkar’s tweet, as he said that the way the Irish leader described her abduction was too soft. Levy claimed that anyone who read Varadkar’s tweet would think that Hand went missing during a hike “in a forest,” and a “friendly” person suddenly found her and took her back to her parents.

An Irish Jewish organization named Irish Jewish Voice also condemned the tweet, as it said that the Irish prime minister refused to publicly condemn Hamas.

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