900-Year Old Crusader Sword Found!

900-Year Old Crusader Sword Found!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – It’s not every day someone discovers an ancient artifact. Even when the average person makes an unusual find, it’s typically of little significance. Such wasn’t the case for a man who found a 900-year-old sword. Given the age of the weapon, researchers believe it may have belonged to a Crusader.

An Israeli diver, Shlomi Katzin, went swimming off of the coast of Israel, eager to explore. While he’s uncovered several artifacts, including broken pottery and anchors made of stone, the sword is by far his most prized find. Katzin turned the blade over to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), as the country’s law dictates all artifacts must be returned to Israel.

Experts believe a Crusader may have lost the sword during battle or that they may have fallen into the water. Whatever the case, the sword is certainly not in the condition it once was, but it’s far more intact than most swords people find, according to archaeologists.

The nearly four-foot-long sword, bearing a three-foot blade, is encased in years of stone and crustacean growth. The IAA will clean the weapon to remove the years of build-up and reveal the sword itself for further studies. As for the person who found the sword, Katzin, he received an award for good citizenship.

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