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After Pandemic Pause,

After Pandemic Pause, “Eatertainment” Is Making a Comeback

(AmericanProsperity.com) – COVID-19 essentially made the world stop turning in many aspects. As people around the globe locked themselves in their homes, they deprived themselves of social interaction. Meanwhile, businesses that relied on patrons coming to spend time with friends or meet new individuals nearly lost it all as they shut down for much of the pandemic. Some of the businesses were “eatertainment” venues, which took an especially hard hit. But just when they thought it was over, they started to make an impressive comeback.

New Age of Eatertainment

Popular “eatertainment” venues, where people can enjoy food and activities or games such as Chuck E. Cheese and Dave & Buster’s, suffered heavy losses during the pandemic. While they’re currently on the upswing, with Chuck E. Cheese taking their business international and Dave & Buster’s narrowly avoiding bankruptcy, neither had previously qualified as the next level in eatertainment.

Now, these businesses are evolving, bringing on chef-driven menus while still giving diners the option to play games — or, in some cases, throw axes. New eatertainment offers leisure activities, such as shuffleboard, ping-pong, and darts, to go along with meals, and their proprietors are thriving in the post-pandemic world.

What’s New?

Puttshack, a mini-golf themed restaurant, recently opened a 7th location in Boston, Massachusetts, after receiving $150 million from BlackRock fundraisers. Places like Chicken N Pickle and Smash Park have taken advantage of the growing interest in pickleball to grow their businesses. Both venues offer customers the ability to play in leagues, come in for a casual and unique dining experience, or reserve space for parties.

Also growing in popularity alongside pickleball and shuffleboard is ax-throwing. In Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC, KickAxe Throwing invites anyone over the age of 8, as long as they’re able to wield and throw a hatchet without hurting themselves or others, to come in and enjoy the sport while waiting for their food.

Eatertainment venues are starting to offer higher quality meals alongside high-tech games, which do all the heavy lifting, like keeping score, for players. They’ve also designed their restaurants to stand out from other venues, making them especially attractive to guests looking to show off their experiences on social media.

Susan Walmesley, the chief marketing officer of Puttshack, explained that people are always looking for something different and new to share online. The marketer also mentioned that customers are looking for places to connect with others and are seeking locations that offer more than a typical bar or restaurant.

Founder and CEO of Smash Park, Monty Lockyear, declared these eatertainments won’t survive without offering elevated food menus, adding that places like Dave & Buster’s have taken note of the changing trends.

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