A Democratic Senator and a Far-Left Journalist Both Get on a Train

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Delaware Democratic Senator Chris Coons had a heated exchange on November 13 with The Grayzone’s far-left reporter Aaron Mate, and even warned him that he’ll be “thrown off this train.” Different reports have described The Grayzone as an online media outlet that is sympathetic to the Syrian, Chinese, and Russian regimes.

The exchange began when Mate started to record the liberal lawmaker and professed to feel “sorry” to put him on the spot, which prompted Coons to ask the reporter who he was. After identifying himself, Mate proceeded to ask Coons about the United States’ support for the Israeli government in its war against Hamas. After asking the question, the journalist repeatedly said before Coons could answer that “Children are dying” in Gaza because of Israel’s bombardments.

The senator had to interrupt Mate and remind him that they were on a train and passengers were having a “quiet” moment. When the journalist insisted that “American weapons” were killing “kids in Gaza,” Coons told him he wasn’t going to continue with their conversation. However, Mate kept repeating the question and the Delaware senator asked him to “please stop talking to me.”

Despite the request, the Grayzone reporter kept haranguing Coons about the situation in Gaza, and the lawmaker reported him to an Amtrak worker. Coons told him “This isn’t the appropriate place” for having an interview, before proceeding to summarize his stance on the current conflict between Hamas and the Israeli government.

Coons told Mate he wasn’t even thinking to call for a ceasefire as he strongly supports the Israeli government. However, the Democratic lawmaker noted he supports “humanitarian pauses” and said he urged Israel to exclusively target their military campaign against Hamas.

After responding to the reporter’s question, Coons told Mate he needed to “stop” his harassment or he was going to make him “thrown off” from the train. He also asked Mate to get up “and leave” and told him he wasn’t being “professional.”

The journalist went on to criticize Coon’s condemnation of Hamas’ October 7 attacks on Israel, but the Senator left his seat and moved to another car.

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