A Look At Mississippi’s New Laws For Medicaid During Pregnancy

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Mississippi is pushing for new laws, including ones involving Medicaid, alcohol, language courses, schooling, and much more.

One of the laws states that Mississippi State would allow earlier Medicaid coverage during pregnancy to improve health outcomes for both the babies and mothers. In particular, Mississippi is the worst state for infant mortality in the United States. The law says that Medicaid will pay for a pregnant woman’s outpatient medical care for up to sixty days while her application is being reviewed.

The Mississippi Student Funding Formula would give districts an extra boost for students who can be more expensive to educate. This could mean that extra money would be given to students in poverty, those with special needs, or those who are in ESL classes.

Inheritance rights in the state will also change as it will now include inheritance rights for a child born from a pregnancy even if it begins after a parent’s death. This would also extend to embryos that are not yet implanted, even when the parent dies, but this is only possible if there is a clear indication that the parent planned to be a part of this prior to passing.

A new alcohol law would allow any city or town to hold an election on whether or not alcohol would be allowed to be sold.

Mississippi is also banning ranked-choice voting in state, city, country, and school district elections. The only people who will be allowed to still participate in this type of voting will be military members and U.S. citizens who are overseas.

The shoplifting law will also be changed to add in aiding, abetting, or encouraging people to steal at least one thousand dollars worth of goods, making it a felony.

Other laws that changed were regulation laws of transgender people’s use of bathrooms, locker rooms, and dormitories. The law would require all public education institutions to have single-sex bathrooms, changing areas, dormitories, and at least one gender-neutral bathroom and changing room.

A new law on elections would also be included that would allow the two candidates to have a runoff four weeks later if no one wins a majority in a primary or general election. This goes for federal, state, and local elections that don’t have a clear winner.

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