A Redemption Story: Trump Pardons Ex-Con

A Redemption Story: Trump Pardons Ex-Con

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The second night of the Republican National Convention (RNC), which took place on August 25, brought a wide variety of speeches and presentations to screens across the nation. One of the most stirring parts, perhaps, was President Donald’s Trump’s opening move.

In a pre-recorded video, Trump introduced viewers to Jon Ponder, a convicted bank robber. He told the story of how Ponder found God in prison and turned his life around. After his release in 2009, he founded the non-profit Hope For Prisoners, a re-entry program for other men and women leaving prison.

Many people praise the work of the non-profit, including Shon Hopwood, a Georgetown University Law Professor:

The incredible work of Ponder and his non-profit encouraged Trump to give him an official presidential pardon for his federal bank robbery conviction. This story of Ponder’s second chance set the tone of the evening, showing our nation as one where anyone, including those who have been imprisoned, can have a second chance at life and the American dream.

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