Abandoned Children Found in Absolutely Horrible Living Conditions

Abandoned Children Found in Absolutely Horrible Living Conditions

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The world can be a terrible place at times. Unfortunately, even children aren’t safe from their lives taking a turn for the worst. Tragically, three children in Texas know this better than anyone.

On October 24, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez of Harris County, TX, took to Twitter about his office’s disturbing call. A teen was living with two younger siblings in an apartment, along with the skeletal remains of their sibling. Upon arrival, deputies found the children: 15, 10, and 7 years old. Authorities also discovered the skeletal remains of the deceased child.

The deputies indicated that the children appeared malnourished. Later medical evaluations found that the 7-year-old suffered from facial fractures. According to the teenager, the three children had been living there without their parents. When reporters asked Sheriff Gonzalez how long the three boys lived with their dead brother in the complex, he noted that it was an extended amount of time, much longer than a few weeks.

Police later found the children’s mother, Gloria Y. Williams, 35, and her boyfriend, Brian W. Coulter, 31, living just 15 minutes away from the trio of children. While authorities didn’t file charges initially, Coulter now faces murder charges after the discovery of blunt force trauma on the deceased child. The mother is facing charges of tampering with evidence involving human remains and the injury of a child by neglect.

Medical examiners later found that the deceased child died when he was eight years old, and while the cause of death is still unknown, they announced that the child had been killed in 2020. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has filed for emergency custody of the children.

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