ABC News Drops Biden Family Corruption Report … Whoa!

ABC News Drops Biden Family Corruption Report ... Whoa!

( – Mainstream media tends to shy away from reports that paint Democrats in a poor light. But, in a surprising article, ABC News confirmed reports of corruption within the Biden family that a Breitbart News senior contributor had outlined for years.

ABC News’ February 9 article confirmed connections between President Joe Biden’s son-in-law Howard Krein and the new administration. Krein is the chief medical officer of StartUp Health, an organization whose goal is to connect health companies to state and federal agencies.

The ABC report detailed how Joe Biden facilitated a meeting between StartUp Health and then-President Barack Obama in 2011. Last fall, Krein advised Biden’s campaign on coronavirus issues while investing in companies that dealt with the virus. Through these meetings, it’s pretty clear Krein got a leg up on the competition due to his father-in-law’s political standing.

Forbes shares a clip of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki evading questions from the press about the subject:

While Psaki says there’s an “absolute wall” between the president and any businesses run by his family members, this report shows that statement is blatantly false. We’re only beginning to see the deep corruption within this family, and hopefully, mainstream media joins the fight to uncover it all as ABC did this week.

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