Abuse Victim Speaks Out on Gun Surrender Laws

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to an ABC October 31 report, two abuse victims named Janet Paulsen and Isabell explained the importance of gun-surrender laws in cases of domestic violence in the United States. They pointed out that the limitations of these laws jeopardize everyone’s safety and allow abusers to retain access to weapons.

The two abuse victims detailed the difficulty of getting authorities to confiscate guns from their abusers and the difficulty of obtaining protective orders against them. Isabell and Paulsen told the media outlet that the country “urgently” needs stronger laws that can safeguard victims of domestic violence from the threat posed by guns, especially when attempting to leave an abusive relationship.

Paulsen said she discovered 74 guns in her house when she tried to leave her husband, who had been displaying erratic and violent behavior for months. While she obtained a restraining order, she said her husband “constantly” violated it by attempting to track her and their children, which led to a misdemeanor charge and the confiscation of his firearms. However, her husband suddenly showed up at her house one day and shot her with a gun he was still carrying. While she survived, Paulsen is now partially paralyzed.

Isabelle told ABC that while she managed to leave her abusive husband, it was impossible to obtain a protective order so he could surrender his 40 firearms. While she thought the order would be confirmed, Isabelle said that the judge who presided over their case refused to mandate the guns’ surrender. She claimed that the judge’s decision made her fear for her life and prompted her to take half of his “arsenal” with her and to sleep with a gun for protection.

There are only 21 states in the country with gun surrender laws that can legally force anyone to relinquish their guns if they represent a risk to themselves or others. Paulsen’s case took place in Georgia, which isn’t part of these states.

While Isabell’s case happened in Washington, which is one of these 21 states, different reports have said that enforcing these laws can still be difficult in some counties.

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