Afghan Refugee Behind Assault of 3-Year-Old Girl, Says It’s His Culture

Afghan Refugee Behind Assault of 3-Year-Old Girl, Says It's His Culture

( – The world is a big place, much bigger than many people realize. Various cultures emerged with the distance between people and the different terrains and regions. Unfortunately, some people try to push boundaries under the guise of those differences, much like in the case of an Afghan refugee who assaulted a 3-year-old girl.

According to US Marines who witnessed the incident and stopped the man, he was touching the toddler on her chest, genitals, and buttocks through her clothes. The Marines arrested the man whom the Department of Justice (DOJ) identified as Mohammed Tariq, a 24-year-old Afghan refugee.

The incident took place on a US Marine base in Virginia, where Tariq told authorities he had done nothing wrong, claiming touching children was part of his culture. However, in Alexandria, VA, a US District Court found Tariq guilty of sexual misconduct months after his arrest in September.

The DOJ stated that both the toddler and the assailant were refugees from Afghanistan but noted the two weren’t related to each other. Tariq’s statement of child touching being part of his culture quickly backfired on him in a US court, where pedophilia is illegal, and earned the prosecution an easy conviction.

The court scheduled Tariq’s sentencing for April 26. Many people posted comments online about sending him back to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, calling it a worse punishment than prison because he had helped American forces. Instead, Tariq won himself an all-expense-paid trip to prison, possibly for life, funded by the American taxpayer.

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