African-American Christian Group Commends Trump

African-American Christian Group Commends Trump

( – Former President Donald Trump is renowned for his work to protect the lives of both the unborn and the black community, but he rarely gets recognition from the media about it. This week, though, Every Black Life Matter (EBLM) celebrated Trump’s accomplishments through a letter of commendation.

Dated January 19, 2021, EBLM presented Trump with the certificate of appreciation. The letter outlines Trump’s “commitment and resolve to support and improve black life” through his following policies and values:

  • Anti-abortion legislation
  • School choice
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Economic support through “Opportunity Zones”
  • Funding for historically black colleges and universities

The Epoch Times covered this noteworthy story, shared here:

In addition, EBLM called out many Democrats who condemn racism, yet “privately support” abortion, which ends countless black lives every day. Donald Trump will continue to fight for black lives from womb to tomb, and we’re glad that’s been acknowledged by those directly affected.

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