AI Development Could Skyrocket in 2024?

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( – In 2023, AI made a huge impact on businesses and in its general appeal, but it’s no secret that AI is expected to continue advancing into the new year. Platforms like ChatGPT have made AI easy to access at the consumer level and many are expecting AI to take off and continue to new heights.

Although talks surrounding regulations, rules, and concerns regarding the advancement of AI technologies continue to heat up, it’s expected that AI itself will improve and develop even more in 2024

Christopher Alexander, Chief Analytics Officer of Pioneer Development Group says, “I think that in 2024, AI will move a little closer to what is in the public imagination, but we remain years from AI being autonomous in the way people are imagining it.”

Technology companies are already jumping on the bandwagon and adopting similar AI capabilities like ChatGPT. Microsoft, Google, Meta, and Amazon are among some of the companies that have either come out with their own AI platform or invested in AI technology to further investment and growth.

A staff editor at The Federalist explained that they believe this is just the beginning as businesses start to adopt AI to fit their needs. “Corporations have found solid footing,” they said, “startups are learning how to customize it to fill various niches, and the public has realized that in some critical ways, AI technology is a net positive.”

They also believe that 2024 will be the year that AI can be more customized to users stating, “Hardware will likely become increasingly integrated with AI as well, like smartphone digital assistants.”

Many believe that customized AI will explode in 2024. Phil Siegel, the founder of the Center for Advanced Preparedness and Threat Response Simulation, said “This will be the year corporations realize they have an enormous amount of data to build more custom models to improve processes and efficiency.”

The prediction that businesses, corporations, and individuals can see a spike in AI usage and development in 2024 is believable. With this being said, regulations and rules are being established by officials to help limit and control AI usage and development as it continues to increase.

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