AI Might Be Able To Expedite ER Visits?!

The unrecognizeable medical staff uses digital tablet to review medical chart.

( – Emergency rooms are starting to fill up more and more with an influx of patients who are suffering from COVID-19, RSV, and the Flu all across the country. This is a problem in many locations and there may be a new solution that could expedite Emergency Room visits and processes.

AI might be a time saver when it comes to emergency room visits and getting patient information. Hospitals have stressed the importance of having a well-run emergency room to avoid a chaotic environment that can lead to stressed patients and doctors.

AI can make a huge difference in wait times and the length of time emergency room visits take. We’ve already seen this making a difference when it comes to getting patient information, billing, and patient medical notes taken. Artificial Intelligence has been seen as a human assistant, aiding in many different areas, but now we are seeing them put into hospitals and emergency rooms.

AI can streamline these services for doctors to help eliminate wait times in the emergency room without sacrificing pertinent information from the patient. AI can even be used to transform doctor and patient conversations into actual medical notes for reference. This can help to get patients immediate care as AI works incredibly fast compared to humans in the same role. With the help of AI, doctors can knock three hours off of their day.

AI technology is advancing as we speak and has upgraded to give the best care to patients. We can especially see this becoming a regular assistant in the Emergency Room. It will be a particularly great assistant when it comes to the winter months, holiday time, and other periods when outbreaks and sicknesses can risk adding excessive wait times to the ER visits.

AI is emerging as an invaluable tool for multiple industries and healthcare is becoming the next. We can expect to see advancements and more teamwork between AI and humans in many different facilities including hospitals. The addition of this technology can often give us an advantage and can help streamline processes that might otherwise be too difficult or too time-consuming to deal with.

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