AI Researchers Create Chatbot to Resemble “Future Self” for Help with Life Choices

( – A group of artificial intelligence researchers have come up with a chatbot that is meant to resemble your future self.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have built an AI-powered tool that simulates a user’s older self and can give the user advice and wisdom. The goal here is to encourage people to give more thought to who they want to be in the future.

The chatbot checks all the boxes when it comes to appearing as a future self, such as having a profile picture that resembles the individual but older, with wrinkles and white hair to truly represent them as an older version of themselves.

The Future You project’s Pat Pataranutaporn at MIT’s Media Lab, spoke out about the artificial intelligence chatbot. “The goal is to promote long-term thinking and behavior change.” He continued, “This could motivate people to make wiser choices in the present that optimize for their long-term well-being and life outcomes.”

One example of a conversation with the chatbot is when a student was talking to a simulated 60-year-old version of herself about the most rewarding moment in her career. The student had hoped to be a biology teacher one day and so the chatbot responded, telling them that it was a retired teacher and one rewarding moment was helping a student change their grades around.

Initially, the user must answer questions about themselves, their family, goals, and their past experiences for the future version of themselves to be as accurate as possible.

Those who use the chatbot are told that the chatbot is not an accurate future representation of themselves and they are encouraged to change their answers to the questionnaire to see what kind of results they will get with the chatbot.

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