Aid Moves into Gaza Through Land After U.S. Pier Gets Destroyed

( – Aid has begun flowing into Gaza after the United States floating pier that was built on the Mediterranean Sea was damaged by weather.

The new aid is getting through Southern Israel due to disagreements with Egypt. The Rafah crossing is typically where aid would travel through, but after the takeover, another way had to be discovered. Egypt closed its border when Israel took control of the Gaza Strip, and they said that they would not reopen the border until the conflict was resolved and Palestinians were granted control.

Aid has become even more vital as delays have surfaced due to the damage to the floating pier. Trucks have begun bringing in aid through the area, but according to the United Nations workers, they’ve had difficulty getting through due to the amount of fighting in the area.

The United States spent over three hundred million dollars to construct the pier, which has become a transportation hub between the United States and other countries. The pier has been used to transport over five hundred metric tons of aid into Gaza, but according to the Pentagon, that aid has yet to be transferred to Palestinians.

Two aid boats landed on the beach in Ashdod Israel while two others are still anchored near the pier on the beach.

About one thousand United States soldiers have been trying to build the pier and both the U.S. and Israel have said that these soldiers have not entered Gaza. However, some U.S. soldiers have been hurt on the job working on the pier in the past week.

The United States has said that the pier is mostly operational despite the damage and that the Israeli navy is helping to recover the two aid boats at Ashdod.

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