Airplane BURSTS Into Flames On Runway?!

signal lights on the airport runway

( – On Tuesday, at Japan’s Haneda Airport, an airplane burst into flames after colliding with a coast guard aircraft. The Japan Airlines passenger plane JAL-516 was seen with flames coming out of the windows and was fully engulfed soon after the collision.

A Bombardier Dash-8 Coast Guard plane was involved in the collision with the JAL-516 passenger plane at the Haneda Airport in Japan. There were over 300 people on the plane when it landed at the airport.

The airplane came from the Japanese city of Sapporo at 5:46 pm and ignited on the runway after its collision with the Coast Guard aircraft.

All 376 people on the flight, including 8 children under the age of two, were safely evacuated and 17 people were injured. However, five people from the Coast Guard aircraft died. Emergency vehicles flooded the scene of the fire to help put it out with water and foam, however, they weren’t able to put it out before it spread across the entire plane, completely consuming it.

The Dash-8 Coast Guard plane was headed out to another airbase to help with relief efforts following an earthquake on Monday. The pilots and aircraft operators stated that they did not see any plane on the runway when landing. TExpert stated that the plane entered as normal and landed as normal before the accident, but further investigation will help to reveal the reason for the collision.

More than 100 fire trucks were dispatched from the incident, and many onlookers expressed their awe and worry when witnessing the flames rising from amidst the runway.

As for now, the airport has canceled many departures as they continue investigating this situation, and we are waiting on confirmation for when flights are once again permitted to take off and land.

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