Al Franken Starts Swearing in Chilling Attack Against Tucker Carlson

Al Franken Starts Swearing in Chilling Attack Against Tucker Carlson

( – Tucker Carlson, host of Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” has enjoyed great ratings across the United States. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has caused many people to dislike the personality’s often sarcastic tone. Former Senator Al Franken (D) appears to be especially unfond of the Fox News host.

During his airing of “The Al Franken Podcast,” the former US senator from Minnesota expressed how he felt about Carlson. Around the 33-minute mark, Franken discussed Russia’s state media with Michael Weiss, an American journalist. Franken grew vulgar as he described his feelings on Carlson’s coverage of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Weiss was discussing how the Russian state media has claimed victory over Ukraine, despite that not being the case. Franken noted that Carlson has a choice to tell the truth or to be worthless and only care about the money, adding that Fox News hosts earn a lot. The former senator joked that Russia’s media was like Fox News when President Trump was in office. Weiss added that Russia allegedly likes to play clips of Carlson during broadcasts.

Franken’s criticism closely resembles how the left feels about Carlson and his coverage of Putin, suggesting that the Fox host is a traitor. According to leftists, Carlson tried to downplay the situation in Russia right up until the country launched military operations in Ukraine. They’ve even gone as far as to claim Carlson wants America to be like Russia.

Are they right? Or is Carlson simply reporting facts the left doesn’t want to hear?

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