Al Sharpton Demands Explanation Over Don Lemon’s Exit from CNN

( – The National Action Network and its founder and president Al Sharpton criticized on Wednesday CNN’s decision to fire anchor Don Lemon and asked the TV network to explain this move as soon as possible.

In a joint statement, Sharpton and CEO and president of the National Urban League Marc Morial said they were “stunned” that CNN terminated Lemon, claiming that the famous host has been a “superb journalist” throughout his career and has been a supporter of the civil rights community. Both activists explained this is an important virtue since they claim not so many media and political figures address these social issues.

Sharpton and Morial also said that Lemon’s voice has been crucial in the conversation of how to be a better nation. They also argued that silencing his voice could represent a major challenge to American democracy as it’s currently facing “its greatest test.”

The liberal host was ousted from the TV network on Monday morning, in what became a bombshell story considering that, at the same time, Fox News also announced that the network and Tucker Carlson were parting ways. Lemon’s situation became more scandalous as he wrote on his Twitter account that CNN CEO Chris Licht fired him without warning.

Following this accusation, CNN pushed back on Lemon’s characterization through a controversial statement where it claimed that the famous host’s statement about his exit from the network was “inaccurate.” The media company wrote in the statement that they offered Lemon a chance to meet with the management department and solve everything, but he decided to release a statement on his Twitter account.

The liberal host was fired a couple of weeks after making misogynistic comments about Republican candidate and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on air. Lemon said she wasn’t “in her prime” because of her age, adding that women are in their prime during their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

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