Alabama Judge Resigns Amid Ethics Accusations

( – Alabama officials said that state judge Tracie Todd resigned on November 28. She was suspended from her bench on two different occasions since 2021. Todd, who was the Jefferson County Circuit judge, was convicted in 2022 after being accused of violating judicial ethics.

According to, the Alabama Administrative Office of Courts confirmed her resignation, which was formally submitted on November 27 and will become effective on December 6. The news site published Todd’s letter of resignation, in which she said that it was her greatest honor and privilege to be entrusted with service to the people of Jefferson County. The newspaper also noted that no additional information about her case has been published so far, and wrote that Todd has refused to make any comment on the matter. Some media outlets and news agencies like The Associated Press contacted her for comments but received no answer.

Todd sat Birmingham’s criminal court. She was elected back in 2012 and reelected without any opposition in 2018. The Alabama Judiciary Court found her guilty of one charge of violating judicial ethics in October 2022. Todd was formally suspended with no payment for four months but returned to the bench in February 2023.

The judge was initially suspended from her bench back in 2021 after the Judicial Inquiry Commission filed a scathing complaint of over 100 pages against her. Todd was charged with numerous incidents of abusing her judicial power and abandoning her judicial role of neutrality and detachment. Different reports revealed she was suspended again in March 2022 on separate complaints, which alleged she failed to follow the orders of the Alabama Court of the Judiciary.

Todd has been on the news in Alabama because of her stance against the state’s death penalty, which prompted criticism from many conservatives. She has also been praised by some state Democratic politicians and journalists, who have supported her stance on the matter and have said that more public figures in the state should reject the death penalty.

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