Alan Dershowitz Says He Believes January 6th Protestors Are Being Mistreated

Alan Dershowitz Says He Believes January 6th Protestors Are Being Mistreated

( – As court cases involving Americans who protested at the US Capitol on January 6 work their way through the courts, the variety of charges brought against them have raised quite a few eyebrows across the nation. This week, constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz spoke out about the proceedings, saying police “overcharged” many protesters.

On Tuesday, September 14, Dershowitz spoke with Newsmax’s The Chris Salcedo Show about the unfolding court cases, comparing many to similar instances involving protestors from Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa events this summer. He highlighted prosecutors had charged peaceful Capitol Hill protestors who trespassed but caused no harm with felonies. In contrast, other prosecutors dropped all charges against many rioters who resorted to violence during BLM protests this past year.

Dershowitz emphasized how the repeated use of the word “insurrection” in this instance is both political and defamatory, so the media and prosecution should not use it.

Newsmax correspondent Logan Ratick shared more of Dershowitz’s thoughts on Twitter:

US District Judge Amit Mehta joined Dershowitz to question the charges levied against protestors, saying some of the charges are quite vague. These well-respected legal minds understand the US Constitution insists the courts must treat all citizens equally and that no one is above the law. Hopefully, they will continue speaking out about this subject.  And hopefully, juries deal with those charged in the January 6 protest fairly.

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