Alec Baldwin Revelation Means He’s in Big Trouble if It’s True

Alec Baldwin Revelation Means He's in Big Trouble if It's True

( – The fatal shooting death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film “Rust” by actor and producer Alec Baldwin continues to churn out lawsuits. The latest accusations against Baldwin could place more responsibility on him for what happened that day.

Mamie Mitchell filed a civil case against Baldwin, the production team, and the armorer in the Los Angeles Superior Court on November 17. Mitchell, who worked as a script supervisor, alleges there was no point when the actor shot directly at the camera. The three shots in the scene of close-ups were on Baldwin’s body and a bloodstain within the scenery. None of the scenes included firing a gun or aiming at the camera.

The lawsuit further states Baldwin was responsible for checking the firearm for live ammunition, which he failed to do. As a result, the script supervisor is suing him for assault and the infliction of emotional distress and harm. The filing does not specify the damages she seeks in the case.

Mitchell claims she was in the line of fire when Baldwin shot Hutchins and director Joel Souza and says she suffers due to reliving the moment. She was the person who called 911 from the set after the incident.

New Mexico officials are continuing to investigate the shooting. So far, prosecutors have not filed any criminal charges in the case.

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