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Rust Is Filming Again After The Tragedy

Rust Is Filming Again After The Tragedy

( – Nearly a year after the tragic and accidental death of Halyna Hutchins, a cinematographer, the movie “Rust” will continue filming. The news of production firing back up comes after the cinematographer’s family reached a settlement with Baldwin.

Getting Back to Work

The film crew will be back at work to finish “Rust” with the husband of the deceased, Matthew Hutchins, as an executive producer. In a statement to Newsweek the new producer noted that production would begin in 2023 with all the main people returning. Hutchins mentioned he had no intention of blaming the producers or Baldwin for the cinematographer’s death. The husband asserted his family believes the fatal event was a tragic accident, and expressed he was grateful for the entertainment industry coming together and paying tribute to his wife.

Melina Spadone, the attorney representing Rust Movie Productions (RMP), noted the team was pleased to have resolved the issue, claiming it was an important first step in celebrating and honoring Hutchins and her work.

Tragedy Strikes

The production of “Rust” was put on hold after Baldwin, who believed he had an unloaded gun, accidentally shot and killed Hutchins and injured Joel Souza, the film’s director on October 21, 2021. The actor has repeatedly denied pulling the trigger. However, a Federal Bureau of Investigation probe found there was no way the prop gun, a revolver, could’ve fired on its own.

Reaching a Settlement

Following the death of Hutchins, her family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against RMP in February 2022. The involved parties recently reached a settlement, which put the surviving husband in an executive producer position, dismissed the case against the movie’s other producers, including Baldwin, and allowed the film crew to resume creating the movie. The actor made note on social media that everyone involved had kept the cinematographer’s nine-year-old son’s best interests in mind as they worked toward resolving the issue.

Not Quite in the Clear

Even though the involved parties have agreed to resume production of the film, the court still has to approve the settlement. Meanwhile, RMP is still facing other legal trouble with the occupational safety regulators in New Mexico, who are attempting to fine the team $137,000 for failing to adhere to industry firearm safety protocol. Other members of the production crew have filed lawsuits against RMP as well. Additionally, the state of New Mexico has approved funds to pay for potential criminal prosecutions.

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