Alex Jones Threatens To Cut Off Finger On Live TV

Alex Jones Threatens To Cut Off Finger On Live TV

This May Be The CRAZIEST Thing Alex Jones Has Ever Done

( – Controversial radio talk show host Alex Jones may have crossed an entirely new line during a July 10 episode of The Alex Jones Show. In a moment of passion, the well-known celebrity offered to chop off his own finger live on the air in a bid to prove his loyalty to viewers.

The episode began with the host praying to God for guidance to avoid disappointing his audience. Jones noted during the emotion-packed segment that none of what he does would be possible without viewers and listeners supporting him and driving the show to be such a success.

Critics might say things went south rather quickly from there. Alex claimed he wasn’t into self-harm, but just wanted to cut his finger off as a symbol of appreciation. The radio host then grabbed a knife from a table and held it against a finger on camera.

Jones praised his spectators for making a difference in the world and standing up to those who serve Satan. The host eventually put the knife down, reminding the audience that his detractors work hard to discredit him.

“They all day say I’m an actor… a fake,” he explained. “…With no evidence because they know I don’t sell out…”

Is it possible that Jones let his emotions get the best of him or suffered a lapse of concentration perhaps? Or was the commentator sincere about cutting his finger off to prove loyalty and appreciation to fans?

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