Amazon Begins Delivering Medication via Drone

( – Retail juggernaut Amazon announced in an October 18 blog post that the College Station, Texas customers of Amazon Pharmacy can start having their prescription medications delivered by a company drone. Amazon explained that eligible customers can now access over 500 medications and have one of its drones drop them in front of their homes. Some of the medications that customers can access include treatments for common conditions like the flu or even asthma. The company guaranteed in its blog post that the medication would arrive in less than an hour.

Amazon Pharmacy is known for being a full-service pharmacy that everyone can access online. The company launched this service in 2020, after its controversial acquisition of Pillback back in 2018. This year, the retail giant has been making efforts to entice customers of this service by saving benefits for those who are affiliated with Prime and by offering some prescription perks. Shares of the company fell one percent after the blog post.

Amazon Pharmacy explained that each of its drones is equipped with cameras and sensors that will allow them to identify different types of objects, including animals and people. These drones can fly up to 120 meters in an airspace that has “minimal obstacles.”

In the blog post, the company explained that the drone will carefully descend and release the package containing the medication once it determines that the “delivery space” is safe and clear. However, the drone will return to the retail’s fulfillment center if it determines any obstacle in this delivery area, and will reattempt the delivery service a couple of hours later.

According to different reports, Amazon has been working on drone delivery over the last few years. Back in August, the retail giant lost two of its main executives who were crucial to the drone delivery operations because of the layoffs executed by CEO Andy Jassy. Despite this situation, the company said it has managed to deliver hundreds of products to consumers in College Station since 2022.

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