Amazon Takes to the Sky

Amazon Takes to the Sky

( – Online shopping skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic as Americans stayed out of traditional brick and mortar stores. While having your goods delivered by mail is more popular than ever, some Americans may have their products dropped off via a more futuristic method soon.

Amazon announced Monday, August 31 its Prime Air division received the designation of “Air Carrier” from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This allows their MK27 drones to operate “beyond the visual line of sight” of the operator.

This is the retail giant’s first step using drones to deliver packages to customers within a 7.5-mile radius of their warehouses. Amazon is the third company to enter into the drone delivery market, joining UPS and the Alphabet-owned Wing who already secured FAA approval.

But, don’t expect these deliveries too soon, according to Business Insider:

Amazon continues to push the boundaries of how quickly they can get goods from the warehouse to the customer. While drone deliveries may still be a few years out, they are almost certainly coming and will revolutionize the delivery industry.

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