America Reportedly Failing in Missile Race, New Report Shows

America Reportedly Failing in Missile Race, New Report Shows

( – The United States ascended to the top military spot in the world after developing nuclear weapons. Since then, America’s fighting force has been the most powerful on the planet. Unfortunately, recent reports indicate that the US military may not be the “top dog” anymore as it seems to be losing in a potential new arms race.

The US military has long been the most technologically advanced globally, giving the United States an advantage over its adversaries. All that could be coming to an end with the country’s failure to create a successful hypersonic weapon — which can travel at speeds up to Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound.

North Korea began the new year on a high note with claims that it successfully tested a hypersonic missile for the second time in six months. The communist country’s neighbor, South Korea, finds the claims hard to believe, but security experts indicated that it would be a fantastic feat if the claims were true.

North Korea isn’t the biggest problem facing the United States. China and Russia have also allegedly been successful in developing hypersonic weapons. Brandon Weichert, a geopolitical analyst, bluntly stated that America is losing the hypersonic weapons race. Weichert explained that China rocked the world after it touted its hypersonic glide missile and has since begun mass producing them.

Additionally, in November, Russia successfully tested its Zircon hypersonic weapon, hitting a target nearly 215 miles away. The Kremlin indicated that the missile, which could fly at speeds up to Mach 9 and have a range of 620 miles, will enter service this year.

Meanwhile, the US military successfully tested a hypersonic missile in September but had a second missile fail in October. In another attempt, the US Air Force tried using an “air-launched rapid response weapon,” but the rocket was unable to leave the wing of the B-52 bomber, resulting in another failed test.

Could the United States be falling behind other key countries? Will America continue to have the greatest fighting force the world has ever known?

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