American Athletes Told to Keep Quiet for Their Own Safety

American Athletes Told to Keep Quiet for Their Own Safety

( – American athletes are looking forward to competing in the upcoming Olympic Winter Games that Beijing will be hosting. There’s a different tone for these winter games, though. Despite China’s ongoing atrocities against human rights, American athletes have been urged to stay silent on the subject.

Rob Koehler, director-general of the Global Athlete group, urged athletes to stay quiet on the issue while they’re in China, adding that there isn’t much protection for the competitors. Koehler explained in his seminar that some people have concerns because silence is a sign of complicity. He noted that while athletes should stay quiet during the games, they should compete then come home and speak freely about their feelings.

There is one glaring question here: If athletes need to be that concerned with their safety, why is America even sending them, to begin with? David Hookstead of the Daily Caller added an excellent counterpoint: If someone can’t speak out against human rights abuses, they have no business being in the public eye.

What do you think? Do you believe the US should send athletes to China despite a lack of guaranteed safety? Is it fair for Koehler to ask athletes to remain silent on such a tremendous topic?

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