American Born Athlete Known as “Genocide Barbie” After Joining Communist China

American Born Athlete Known as

( – It seems China has a new celebrity, and it isn’t even a citizen. Ironically, it’s a woman, Eileen Gu, who was originally born on US soil. The Chinese-American’s critics are now calling her “Genocide Barbie.”

After Eileen Gu took first place in the women’s big freestyle event, China won its first gold medal at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. Gu became a poster child for the foreign nation shortly after defecting to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Gu’s exact citizenship remains in question; China neither allows foreigners to compete on its Olympic team nor permits people to hold dual citizenship. Thus, it’s highly likely that Gu is no longer an American citizen.

The Global Times indicated that Chinese fans find Gu stimulating. Chinese-Americans, many of whom claim they were afraid of expressing their cultural identity before the Olympian defected, also favor her.

But not every Chinese-American appreciates Gu’s talent or decision to defect. Some of her most prominent critics fall under that categorization, too.

Those critical of Gu claim her decision to compete for China essentially condones the CCP’s ongoing human rights abuses. That includes genocide against Uyghur Muslims. The CCP forced the group into labor, and in some cases, sterilized women and men without permission in an attempt to control the population.

Gu’s apparent disregard for these atrocities seems obvious. Yet, China is all too eager to use her as a poster child for their propaganda machine. That’s why she’s earned the nickname “Genocide Barbie.”

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