American Death and Hostage Tolls Rise in Israel

( – According to an NBC News report, the US State Department revealed on October 14 new death toll numbers of US citizens in the armed conflict between Hamas and Israel, with 29 confirmed dead. A State Department spokesperson told the media outlet that the agency wanted to extend its “deepest condolences” to the friends and families of every single American victim. The spokesperson also noted 15 Americans whose whereabouts were unknown, in addition to one lawful permanent resident.

In a statement, the State Department spokesperson said that the Biden administration is currently making efforts to determine their whereabouts as fast as possible. He also noted that the White House is working with the Israeli government on every single “aspect” of the current hostage crisis. The spokesperson explained this includes sharing intelligence, along with the deployment of United States “experts” to advise Israeli officials on “hostage recovery efforts.”

The new death toll of American citizens in the Jewish state took place after the White House announced on October 12 that 27 Americans died as a result of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group. According to different reports, the number of US citizens who have been reported unaccounted since Hamas’ attack has risen by one since that previous announcement. News agency The Associated Press reported that the total death toll of the armed conflict has more than doubled since October 12, from over 1,200 to more than 3,200.

On October 13, the Israeli military warned one million people who live in the Gaza Strip’s northern region to immediately evacuate to the southern area of this territory, ahead of an expected ground offensive. Israel’s Defense Forces have been gathering troops and military equipment in the border area between the two nations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the military personnel in this zone on October 14. On his Twitter account, he said that the Israeli soldiers were “ready” to start the military operations.

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