American Drug Shortages Hit Record High

( – According to a DC News December 5 report, drug shortages in the United States have hit a record high, with numerous lawmakers warning that the issue could affect millions of patients who could die because of it. A House committee is already conducting a probe about what it can do to the supply chain in the short term to guarantee that doctors in the country don’t ration essential drugs. Speaking under condition of anonymity, some lawmakers told DC News that cancer treatments are among the drugs that are being rationed in some hospitals and clinics.

While many health experts have agreed that the shortages of thousands of generic drugs need immediate attention, they are still making efforts to find a unanimous agreement on a remedy. In a statement sent to lawmakers, Brooking Institution’s Dr. Marta Wosinska explained that the US market doesn’t reward “reliability.” She also noted that the federal government is only offering incentives to providers and pharmacies for buying the cheapest drugs instead of the best. Wosinska pointed out the move could have negative consequences and claimed that everyone would have to eventually pay for “resilience.”

Responding to Wosinska’s statement, Idaho Republican Senator Mike Crapo expressed his concerns about how these decisions would be made. He said he has a “little bit of trouble” with federal government agencies evaluating all generic providers and taking a decision that only benefits its interests.

In her statement, Wosinska also explained that the US Food and Drug Administration is creating an evaluation system for different drug manufacturing practices that could be applied over the next few years. She explained that many health experts still don’t know if the program could be efficient enough and if the metrics would “stand up” and do what they want them to do. At the end of her statement, Wosinska claimed that she and many other health experts in the country believe that a pre-existing Pay for Performance program could be a solution.

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