American Embassy in Ukraine Accused of Scrubbing Evidence – Were There US Bioweapons Labs?

American Embassy in Ukraine Accused of Scrubbing Evidence - Were There US Bioweapons Labs?

( – The conflict in Eastern Europe seems to be uncovering more than anyone anticipated. What appeared to be an invasion from the outside world may have more to it than meets the eye. After allegations surfaced that the American government has Biolabs in Ukraine, the embassy began scrubbing evidence, but not before it could get archived.

According to Sean Adl-Tabatabai of the News Punch, The US Embassy in Ukraine completely deleted any files containing bioweapon lab documents on their website.

The New Punch article’s author details how the embassy removed all of the offending files within a 24-hour period. They share one document, which appears to contain information regarding avian and swine flu as well as hantavirus. The author also claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t invading Ukraine but instead executing a special military operation to capture the Biolabs and gather evidence.

Exposing the Darkness lists all of the removed documents, which Internet investigators thankfully archived. They also provide a map showing where Russia has entered Ukraine. Coincidentally, the areas where the media claims Russia attacked are also allegedly where US Biolabs are stationed.

Of course, the mainstream media has remained relatively silent on the matter aside from the usual denial of the labs’ existence. USA Today reported that the alleged presence of these labs was Russian disinformation and propaganda. But this wouldn’t be the first time “fact-checkers” have been wrong despite it being their job to ensure their reports are factual and backed by evidence.

What do you think? Are there Biolabs in Ukraine? Or is it all a ruse from the Russians?

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