American in Afghanistan Breaks Down on TV, Blames Biden Admin

American in Afghanistan Breaks Down on TV, Blames Biden Admin

( – Since the final batch of US troops left Afghanistan on August 31, stories of Americans left in the now Taliban-governed nation have surfaced, Many are still struggling to get out. One such story came to light this week when Fox News interviewed a woman who broke down into tears during a segment of “America’s Newsroom.”

On Friday, September 17, Fox News’ Dana Perino spoke with Jennifer Wilson, the COO of a nonprofit evacuating Americans from Afghanistan and a US citizen still trapped in the country called “Julie.” Julie declared that “the United States broke me” and sadly remarked on her current state during the interview, saying, “basically, I’m dying.”

Julie told reporters that the State Department has repeatedly said they “can’t do anything” for her. While she can leave because she and her daughter have US passports, the rest of her family isn’t so lucky. Jennifer Wilson is her last hope and was able to tell more of Julie’s heartbreaking situation:

Julie is not the only American who remains in Afghanistan, either. Journalist Emily Miller spoke with another:

There’s no doubt our government left US citizens in Afghanistan despite their repeated pleas to leave the nation. Most have abandoned hope the Biden administration will be of any help and, instead, have turned to nonprofits and NGOs for their safety and evacuation. Hopefully, these private citizens will be able to do what the federal government wouldn’t.

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