American Jews Scrambling to Enhance Self Defense

( – According to a The Blaze October 24 report, many gun sellers and firearm instructors in the United States said they are noticing a massive increase in Jewish clients. The news comes in the wake of the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, and the declaration of war from the Jewish state against the Palestinian terrorist group in response.

During an interview with the conservative news outlet, the owner of a shooting range in Texas named David Prince explained his gun sales had increased by 300 percent after the Hamas attack. He revealed how he also saw an exponential growth of new Jewish clients, many of whom told him that they are scared for their lives because they believe they can be attacked “because of their religion.”

When asked about these new clients, Prince said that he cares about training all kinds of people to ensure that they can defend themselves and their families. Prince also told The Blaze that his shooting range sells a range of products “for defensive purposes.”

According to an NBC News report, the owner of a gun store in Florida named David Kowalsky also revealed how he had seen a “tremendous increase” in Jews and Orthodox Jews buying guns. He explained he has seen a surge in group and individual training, and said that even local synagogues have reached out to him to host shooting sessions.

The gun seller added that most of the new Jewish clients are mothers and teachers who have never interacted with a weapon or even thought about buying one. When asked his thoughts on the situation, he said there’s a “safety concern” and explained that many people feel nervous about what could happen in the future.

A Rabbi named Yossi Eilfort, who runs a non-profit in Los Angeles that provides gun training to the Jewish community, also told NBC News he received more than 600 calls last week. He explained each of these calls was for self-defense training.

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