American PhD Student Killed Viciously In Mexico

( – According to a June 1 Fox News report, an American Ph.D. student was brutally killed in Mexico as he was doing a research trip to the former territory of drug lord El Chapo Guzman. As reported by the network, Mexican authorities found the body of 31-year-old Gabriel Trujillo in the state of Sonora. In a statement, they said Trujillo was inside a black SUV with seven shots on his body.

Private investigator Jay Armes told Fox News this state became one of the most violent in Mexico after Guzman’s arrest. He explained that Trujillo got into a “hornets’ nest” as three cartels are fighting a war to control this part of northwest Mexico. Armes noted these cartels are two different factions of the powerful Sinaloa and the Caborca Cartel, which is the one El Chapo Guzman allowed to operate while he was in power.

Armes, who works kidnapping cases in Mexico, said that Trujillo was inside a war zone in “the worst possible time,” as 518 were killed in Sonora back in May. He explained it’s possible that any of these cartels found the American student and kill him. The private investigator pointed out these cartels are currently patrolling every part of this state, and usually kill anyone who “doesn’t belong to their group.”

Armes said he hypothesizes that a group of spotters saw Trujillo and they immediately called the “sicarios” to follow him. He said he believes these hitmen killed the American student as they “probably thought” he was an undercover DEA agent. Armes also explained he thinks this is what happened as the sicarios didn’t mutilate the body as a way to threaten rival gangs, and they didn’t steal his vehicle.

According to different reports, Trujillo was a botanist who went to Mexico to apply his research on the buttonbush to build a garden in this country and restore its wetlands. His social media posts show he was engaged to marry his girlfriend Roxanne Cruz de Hoyos and start a family with her.

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