Americans Demand Impeachment of Justice Thomas

Americans Demand Impeachment of Justice Thomas

Democrats Turn On SCOTUS Justice

( – Impeachment is often an option Americans associate with the President of the United States. Even so, the term has been surrounding Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for months. Earlier this year, an advocacy group called MoveOn launched a petition to impeach the high court justice; that petition recently reached one million signatures, a sign that many Americans want to ditch the controversial figure.

Why Democrats Dislike Justice Thomas

Thomas has served the high court longer than any of the other justices currently on the bench, his term beginning when former President George H.W. Bush appointed him in 1991. So what’s with the sudden wave of disapproval surrounding the judge? MoveOn started the petition to impeach Thomas earlier this year after details emerged of his wife Virginia Thomas attempting to convince aides to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The revelation led to the public demanding that Thomas recuse himself from cases dealing with the January 6 Committee (J6C). He was the only individual in the high court to offer a dissenting opinion on a ruling to allow the J6C to obtain White House records, quickly launching him into the spotlight of Democrats claiming the justice had a conflict of interest.

Rahna Epting had previously talked about why they created the petition, explaining Thomas’s conflict of interest. Epting added the Supreme Court justice had disgraced American democracy as well as himself by not recusing himself, urging the need to impeach.

Additional Grievances

The dismay doesn’t stop there for Thomas. MoveOn amended the petition to include Thomas’ vote regarding the Roe v. Wade case. The conservative justice voted with the majority to overturn Roe v. Wade, a landmark 1973 decision guaranteeing women across the US the right to abortions under federal law. The move has been largely unpopular especially among Democrats and women. In fact, his decision, in that case, pushed hundreds of thousands to sign the petition, boosting it to over one million signatures.

It was noted that one individual claimed “justice is needed” when they signed the petition. Another allegedly declared that Bush never should’ve appointed Thomas to begin with. MoveOn also added a claim that the judge’s vote strongly suggested the court wasn’t going to stop at Roe v. Wade, asserting the judicial branch would be going after contraceptives and gay rights next.

The petition also adds that Thomas placed his wife’s opinion over the Supreme Court’s integrity and has allowed his political views to get in the way of being an unbiased justice, urging him to resign while calling on Congress to impeach him if he doesn’t. Do you agree with the motion to eject Thomas from his position on the high court? Will he resign, or will Congress move to impeach him?

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