Americans Don’t Want Biden or Trump To Run for Presidents

( – According to a Sunday NBC poll, the vast majority of Americans don’t want US President Joe Biden to run for reelection and don’t want former President Donald Trump to do the same next year. Experts believe this revelation confirms voters’ desire for new leadership in the Democratic and Republican parties, even when Trump is currently an official candidate for next year’s presidential election and President Biden is about to announce his reelection bid anytime soon.

The poll found that 60 percent of voters in the US believe that the conservative leader shouldn’t run for president in 2024, including a third of respondents who consider themselves Republicans. Thirty percent who think he shouldn’t run for president next year cite as the “major” reason the criminal charges he’s currently facing in New York.

In the case of President Biden, the poll revealed that 70 percent of voters believe he shouldn’t run for reelection. What’s even more surprising about this number is that 51 percent of the respondents are Democrats. The 48 percent who think he shouldn’t make this move cite President Biden’s age as the main reason.

These results show the same trend that other polls have been indicating over the last few months, with Americans expressing low enthusiasm for both political leaders as they gear up for what could be a rematch of the 2020 presidential election.

In the NBC Sunday poll, Trump remains the main favorite to win the GOP primaries, with 15 percentage points ahead of Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who many believe will announce a presidential campaign anytime soon. However, political analysts believe Trump’s popularity could decrease because of the charges brought against him in New York.

Additionally, the NBC poll showed that 41 percent of US registered voters said they probably or definitely vote for President Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

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